Who I am


Creativity requires a three-dimensional mind and practical intuition—revealing the unexpected that serves a practical purpose well.  In the real world, though, it's genuine interest in helping another person succeed that turns creative imagination into relevant craftsmanship.

Craftsmanship can empower a client only when the result is both beautiful and functional. When the craft is dealing with information and ideas, the pattern is the intention in a client's mind. The basis of relevant craftsmanship is always staying in context through attentive collaboration.

Collaboration means listening for a project's subtleties and visualizing its end result by helping clarify audience and purpose, needed outcomes and scope of work. Collaboration requires that a creative partner flex to the client's need and work to  build mutual confidence.

Confidence requires assurance that the creative partner deliver and the client pay. A simple memo of understanding specifies deliverables, deadlines, criteria of success, fees and payment points. Staying in touch and delivering on time keeps a project on track and on target.


Mirror Communication was founded in the early ’90s to facilitate work with Russian organizational development consultants and their clients. Friendship and insight grew when we shared our experiences as "mirrors" for each other rather than as "experts" with authority. "Mirror communication" grew naturally from friendship into fruitful collaboration in business.

Mirror Communication brings together 30 years of experience in organization and community development on four continents. We work with people who need to communicate effectively across cultural frontiers. Close collaboration helps people find the engaging language, clear images and appropriate style to suit their business purpose and cultural context.

Mirror Communication's creative services include business writing, editorial consultation, multimedia desktop publishing, graphic design and information design. Clients include international development agencies, consulting firms, nonprofit organizations, volunteer groups and individuals. We especially enjoy working with people for whom English is a second language.

We increasingly use collaborative Internet technologies and platforms for joint work, consensus building, tracking details and deadlines, checking and approval.

The Mirror Communication "MC" logo was designed by Sasha and Dema Chesnokov, Moscow.

David Dunn, founder and principal, is based in Denver, Colorado, USA. Connect with David at david@mirrorcommunication.com or on Skype at <dmirror>. Associates are based in other cities around the world.

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